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Workers in oilfields are often aware that they work in an incredibly dangerous occupation, and in most cases, they are trained well and take appropriate precautions that limit their risk exposure. 

However, countless variables can be a factor during an accident, such as other employees, the oil company, and even the lease owner.

If an accident or explosion happens and you are injured in the event, there are a few options you have to seek compensation for your damages and injuries. While many companies have a worker’s compensation plan, this isn’t guaranteed in many cases, and even when it’s present there is no guarantee that the compensation will be able to fully cover your medical bills and other damages. 

From our team of New Mexico oilfield accident attorneys at Stewart + Harmonson, here’s what you need to know.

Potentially Liable Parties In A New Mexico Oilfield Accident

In some oilfield accident cases, you may be able to sue your employer to help get back some of the compensation to which you’re entitled. Additionally, there are other parties that you may be able to name in a suit that could hold a portion of the liability, as well.

Additional parties that can be named in a suit, including:

  • The owner of the property the oil extraction equipment is located on. Since many oil companies lease the land where they operate, from third-party landowners, the owners of the land where the oil companies are drilling may be held liable.
  • Contractors and subcontractors that work on the project may be held liable as well, these are people that work for companies other than the one you work for, and if they are involved in the accident they or their employers may be held liable.
  • The oil company may hold some liability if you are a contractor or subcontractor and are injured in an accident, allowing you to file a claim against them.
  • Owners of the oil extraction equipment or rig may also be held liable if an accident, such as fire, explosion, collapse, or other accident results in your injury.
  • Oilfield truck drivers, shippers, and related vehicle manufacturers may be found liable if you sustained an injury in a vehicle accident on or around an oilfield. This means you may be permitted to file a claim against the shipper, trucking company, or other involved third parties.

Complex Injury Claims Require Experienced Legal Help

One of the most challenging facets of filing an effective claim for damages is naming the right parties in the suit. 

To determine liability effectively, there will generally need to be a thorough investigation, which an experienced injury attorney can spearhead. They will attempt to gather and preserve all of the evidence that pertains to the accident, such as witness statements, relevant pictures or video, and documentation covering the maintenance of the equipment, the training and qualifications of other parties operating the equipment, and even past accident history at the facility. 

Because this process is so complex and so industry-specific, hiring an experienced New Mexico oilfield accident attorney is vital to making sure your case goes quickly and smoothly.

If You Have Been Injured In An Oilfield Accident Get Help Today

The most important thing to remember after you’ve gotten medical attention following the accident is to work with a dedicated oilfield injury attorney. Your attorney will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your claim and will act as your advocate, so you can focus on recovering. Contact the team at Stewart + Harmonson today so we can get to work on your claim immediately.

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